Interested in screening AN AMERICAN ASCENT?

The goal of the film is to inspire kids in cities (particularly kids of color and kids with limited opportunities) to consider the outdoors as an option, and to simply provide an aspirational alternative to the simplistic mainstream "single story" we hear too often about African-Americans. Many of the organizations who directly reach this audience are small non-profit groups without deep pockets, so we like to be able to offer the the film for a reduced fee (or for free) to them. Your fee helps us subsidize these important screenings.

And... While we didn’t make this film to get rich, we also don’t want to go broke. We have ongoing expenses for the film, its promotion and distribution. There’s a good chance you know about the film because of marketing and/or promotion that had a direct cost in time or money on our end.


Pricing structure:

  • Small venue (up to 100), non-profit, or educational: $275
  • Large venue (more than 100), for-profit public events: $525
  • For profit, private events or fundraisers: TBD (contact us)

Leave us a note below if you are interested in speaking appearances by climbers or filmmakers.

How it works:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. We will send you an invoice for the appropriate amount (or a follow up if fee is TBD)
  3. Send us a check or credit card payment for the appropriate amount
  4. We ship the film to you (Bluray preferred, please note if you require something else)
  5. You screen the film
  6. You return ship the film


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There are 3 mild swear words in the film. Tell us if you need a kid friendly version.
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