Looking for youth/community group tickets to AN AMERICAN ASCENT?

Available screenings:  

Portland, Or. Aug 7th, 7p @Hollywood Theater (details)

The goal of the film is to inspire kids in cities (particularly kids of color and kids with limited opportunities) to consider the outdoors as an option, and to simply provide an aspirational alternative to the simplistic mainstream "single story" we hear too often about African-Americans. Many of the organizations who directly reach this audience are small non-profit groups without deep pockets, so we like to be able to offer the the film for a reduced fee (or for free) to them.

If you think you are one of these groups, please fill out the ticket request form below. Requests will be evaluated based on need, number requested, mission of the group, etc. 

Unfortunately not all requests can be honored, but we'll make every effort to comp as many as possible. 

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